Alessia Genova

Principal - Tihany Design


Distinguished for her exceptional talent and leadership of the New York boutique atelier, Tihany Design, Alessia Genova is a visionary professional who has earned the trust and respect of an ever-evolving industry.
As a partner, Alessia is committed to elevating the hospitality and luxury lifestyle experience with sensational customised interiors, directing projects for prestige hotels/resorts, restaurants and private clubs, as well as ultra-luxury estates and cruise ships. His mission is to conceive extraordinary, one-of-a-kind spaces that enchant the senses, to achieve the most captivating and engaging potential of each location.
Clients appreciate Alessia as a passionate yet calm tour de force, whose design expertise weaves together a global perspective, fresh creative vision and artistic agility. She creates the 'story' of each project by developing concepts and presentations, executed with an infusion of style and expertise. But it is her commitment to the process that brings the vision to life, with a focus on collaboration, mentoring and astute fiscal management. These ingredients are as essential to Alessia Genova as they are to Tihany Design's success, with results that resonate in new contemporary properties and iconic landmarks, and extend to the studio's dynamic and talented designers.
A true aficionado of Italian cuisine, she has often collaborated with renowned chefs such as Daniel Boulud, Thomas Keller and Richard Ekkebus to create the interiors of their restaurants with an inviting and modern touch. But with her gaze simultaneously on the present and the horizon, Alessia considers hospitality design a boundless domain, extending logically and thematically to retail and high-end residential.
Alessia began her career as a junior designer at Tihany Design's Rome office in 2007, shortly after graduating from Milan Polytechnic. She was subsequently promoted to Senior Designer, a position she held for 10 years, culminating in her appointment as Studio Director in 2017. In early 2020, founder and director Adam D. Tihany appointed her as a Partner of the studio for the first time, signifying a new chapter in its 42-year history.
"Sharing the baton, I believe that the spirit of quality and the merit of achievement is never based on laurels, but on the will to raise the bar for ourselves.
"Design is like cooking. You can follow a recipe, but it is the extra ingredients - passion, dedication and a little bit of madness - that bring the dream to life'.