Angelo Meroni

Chairman - LEMA S.p.A.



Angelo Meroni, president of LEMA S.p.A., was born in 1962.
After his scientific studies, he attended the Catholic University in Milan, which he left at a very young age to join the company alongside his parents.
His first professional experience is with Sorgente del Mobile, a historic family brand that has marked the history of Italian design. He immediately became involved in production, which has always been his greatest passion and which has led him over the years to work in close contact with the world of design, both in the relationship with the numerous designers who sign the Lema Casa collections and in the development of the tailor-made projects that the Group takes care of all over the world with its Contract division.
After assuming the role of General Manager of Lema, he became its Chairman in 1994, guiding its crucial transition from a company specialising in the production of modular systems to a brand capable of establishing itself internationally with a complete furnishing proposal for the home, a lifestyle with a sophisticated allure, never ostentatious, devoted to a refined understatement, the same that distinguishes its character.


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