Bruno Marti

Executive VP of Brand Marketing - Ennismore | 25hours Hotels


Bruno Marti is EVP of Brand Marketing for the 25hours Hotels within Ennismore, a global collective of founder built hospitality brands. He is in charge of the image and tonality of the brand and ensures that guests are given the right level of lifestyle experience in product and service as well as an on-point communication in all channels. Bruno is part of the 25hours founding crew and has been shaping the brand since 2006 - always with the courage to polarize if necessary. Storytelling and finding the right level of disruption is at the core of his daily business, as well as finding as many creative collaborators as possible. He holds a master degree in English language and literature with a minor in political science from the University of Zurich and graduated from the hotel management school Luzern, Switzerland. In his daily work he combines academic thoroughness with the necessary humor demanded by the diverse and sometimes unpredictable job with his teams between Hamburg and Paris.