Chiara Tabellini

Founder and Project director LIGHTING Design Department - Comfort Hub


Light is the basis from which to start building a project.

Founder and project director of LIGHTING Design Department - Comfort Hub, Chiara has been working on lighting projects for 15 years now. Her passion has translated into a path of continuous training and innovation, aimed at enhancing the lighting potential of spaces and guaranteeing state-of-the-art solutions.

After gaining experience within one of the most important Italian companies in the sector, the lighting designer broadened his horizons, exploring international realities and dealing with different lighting cultures. 

Chiara describes the lighting design as 'the result of an elegant dialogue between all the elements involved: the volumes, the space, the history or future of the environment, the correct interpretation of the vision of all the technicians involved, and the expectations and well-being of those who will live it. It is the light inherent to each place that emerges, speaking of itself."

There are two kinds of Light: the light that illuminates and the glow that obscures.

James Thurber