Emanuele Svetti

Executive Chief Architect - Studio Svetti Architecture


Studio Svetti Architecture was born in 2004 from the eclecticism, both professional and ideological, of architect Emanuele Svetti who, through a path of technical and design research aimed at rediscovering craftsmanship and the search for new materials, reinterpreting tradition in a modern key, creates what he defines as the 'New Tuscan Style'. Realising receptive, directional and commercial spaces, with particular attention to the study of interiors and then to residential architecture, in just a few years, the professional activity develops both nationally and internationally with numerous projects around the world, from California to North Africa, from Russia to China up to the opening of the London office in 2016.

There are two kinds of Light: the light that illuminates and the glow that obscures.

James Thurber