Erik Nissen Johansen

Owner, Founder and Creative Director - Stylt Trampoli AB



Erik Nissen Johansen is the founder and creative director of the award-winning hotel design studio Stylt in Gothenburg, Sweden. For more than 25 years, Stylt has been combining concept development, interior architecture, design and branding to create unique hotel and restaurant experiences for customers around the world. Under Erik's leadership, Stylt has won numerous awards, including the Global UNESCO Prix Versailles for the best hotel interiors, the IH&P award for the best SPA design in the world, 2 AHEAD awards, Best New Boutique Hotel in the World, European Hotel Design Awards, several Swedish Design Prizes and the World Hotel Award. To date, the portfolio includes more than 400 restaurants and 250 hotels.

Storytelling is Erik's tool for bringing experiences and brands to life. Stories are always the common thread in the creation of concepts, guiding every aspect of development, from brand positioning to table setting. This results in consistent, engaging and memorable design, which in turn creates consistent, engaging and memorable experiences for customers. A Stylt story can leverage guests themselves as marketers, creating word-of-mouth advertising. Moreover, story-based concepts are well insulated from the fluctuations of fashions.