Federico Pagetti

CEO & Founder - Nick Maltese Studio


Federico Pagetti, born and raised in Lombardy, Italy, after completing his studies as a surveyor, enrolled at the prestigious Istituto Europeo di Design (IED) in Milan, where he immersed himself in the world of interior design. His thesis on yachts and the Eco Design model demonstrated his interest in sustainable design principles and his ability to think beyond the conventional boundaries of design.
After graduating in 2009, his first collaborations were with various architecture studios in Milan, such as DRM, which provided him with valuable practical experience in the design and realisation of projects for flats, offices, schools and even an architecture competition, 'ATM Monterosa Milano'.
In 2015, Pagetti's career took an international turn when he moved to Oman and later Dubai, where he took on the role of project manager for interiors of luxury hotels, residential buildings, restaurants, shops and private villas. He also took on a consultancy role for furniture and interior design.
A pivotal moment in Pagetti's career came in 2021 when a chance meeting led him to meet Nick Maltese. Their shared passion for design sparked an immediate connection. Together they founded NickMaltese Studio, a thriving design studio that allowed Pagetti to further explore his design sensibilities and collaborate on a wide range of residential, restaurant, bar and hotel projects.
Paggetti states that the aim of his projects is to "find the synthesis of the continuous antitheses that characterise my design feeling: harmony-contrast, tradition-innovation, local-global, thoughtlessness-reflection."


8 May 202410:30 - 11:00