Hospitality Design Conference is the event dedicated to design and contract in the world of hospitality.

Hospitality Design Conference is a unique in-depth and networking event to discover ideas and solutions for design and hotel redevelopment and to learn about the design trends that will influence hospitality in coming years.
An entire day to listen to the greatest national and international design experts aimed at investors, hoteliers, directors, entrepreneurs, builders, designers and developers sector.

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Not just an event

Ideas, news and answers on design and contract from the world of hospitality.

A full day of training and networking with hospitality leaders and leading designers, consultants and architects specialising in hotels, restaurants and public establishments.

A day to learn about the new trends in hotel design, listen to the voices of the greatest national and international design experts. A day of meetings, reports, knowledge e exchanges if ideas.



A day to learn about new trends in hotel design, listen to the voices of leading national and international design experts.


The partner area will be the space dedicated to companies, partners of the event and leaders in the hotel sales sector, available to participants, [...].


Moments of meetings, relationships, knowledge and exchange of ideas between investors, builders, designers, developers, hoteliers, managers and suppliers.
What awaits you
Hospitality Design Conference

How will the expectations of hotel guests change?

Designers, consultants, architects and national and international experts will answer this and many other questions:

  • What factors will most influence the hotel industry?
  • Which trends will have the greatest impact?
  • How will hotel design change?
  • What services should hotels offer?
  • What will be the winning concepts?