Hotel design: how the hospitality of the future will change
Hospitality is not to change people, but to offer them space where change can take place
Henri J.M. Nouwen

What’s awaiting for you?

Hospitality Design Conference is a full day dedicated to the design trends that will influence hospitality in the coming years. The event brings together Italian and international hospitality leaders and leading designers, consultants, famous and up-and-coming architects specialising in hotels, restaurants and public establishments.

The conference

A day to get to know the new trends of hotel design, listen to the voices of the greatest international design experts designers international, do networking, meetings and exchange of idee and get to know the best furniture companies designers contract the Hospitality sector.

It is a glimpse into the future of design in the hotel industry.

The training seminars

An intensive programme of seminars with experts, architects, interior designers and marketing consultants talk about design changes in the future and what is new in the industry.

Round Tables

Discussions, debates and case studies on the salient topics of hotel design and contracting with leading architects, designers and experts.


Moments of meetings, relationships, knowledge and exchange of ideas between investors, builders, designers, developers, hoteliers, managers and suppliers.

What we will talk about


Which trends will have the greatest impact in the hotel industry?

Customers have new demands and needs: how does the hotelier prepare to meet them?

The best theses on the future of hotel design and industry trends.

How will the expectations of guests and new generations change?

What's new in the hotel industry around the world, the most innovative concepts, the features of the new generation of hotels, told by the brand managers of the world's leading hotel groups.

How do you manage a hotel project?

Which professionals should be involved? How to define the budget?
What are the most effective solutions for upgrading the hotel?
Today's market no longer admits mistakes; a hotel project must be carefully planned, starting with the functionality of the spaces and adherence to the available budget.

Which brands and new concepts to be inspired by?

In recent years, the hotel world has witnessed an unprecedented emergence of new brands, a true brand-boom by the major chains in the sector. 

How is the design of spaces evolving?

Before successfully designing a hotel, one must have a solid foundation of concepts relevant to the hospitality industry.

Operators tell their stories

International and national architects specialising in the field will share their views on hotel design, presenting successful case studies.